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An essential product to have available for every racing greyhound as it aids in the rapidly restoration of crucial mineral imbalances that can occur after races, hard training or other stressful events. Without the adequate provision of all the essential minerals contained in this Product, then disorientation, weakness and organ damage could occur. Contains Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium & Manganese, and Zinc ions, most as M.A.A.C. (Chelates) i.e. the most readily assimilable forms to counteract these situations and aid "Ionic Mineral Normalisation. The short-chain molecular carbohydrate base with the essential minerals , coupled with excellent water solubility, ensures rapid absorption and the return to normal levels. Water should always be available. Suitable for track and coursing.


Ardmore Products Have No Withdrawal Period and Do Not Contravene Rules of Racing. All products are available direct from Ardmore and are also available at all major greyhound venues.

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Ardmore Natural Care Ltd. is a family owned and run business. It is situated in County Waterford, south-east Ireland. more
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Our products are targeted specifically towards the nutriment requirements required for successful Breeding, Rearing, Training and Performance and have been fully evaluated by our own team of Veterinary Consultants. more
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