About Us

Welcome to Ardmore Greyhound Nutrition, a family run business specialising in animal nutrition. With careful management and sustained growth, we have brought the Ardmore brand to the forefront of expertise in the Animal Feedstuff and Supplement market.

We only use the highest quality ingredients and offer the animal owner a range of products with the highest level of active ingredients inclusion of any supplement on the market.

Directly involved in the day-to-day activities and co-ordinating the major company functions are Damien Gleeson (Managing Director). He has a lifetime of expertise in the Animal Nutritional Supplements industry and has many additional skills associated with breeding, rearing and performance greyhounds. Supporting the company are a number of retained consultants with specialist skills in key areas and additional consultants who can be called upon on an ad-hoc basis when specific areas of expertise demand their skills.

Feel free to browse our website for information on our product range and please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or guidance.