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10 x 30g syringes. Dehydration & Mineral reduction

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This unique GEL has been formulated to aid in the reduction of dehydration and in the prevention of stress. It comes in a handy syringe for accurate and easy dosing. The product is formulated in an energy-rich base to replace the vital salts lost during exercise, travel or other stressful events. These essential body salts can be provided either prior to a racing event, before kennelling or after a race.

The only minerals included in the product are the highly bio-available METAL AMINO ACID CHELATES (M.A.A.C.) as part of the balanced composition. This Product is the essential accoutrement for Professional Greyhounds and when it is provided before a race could contribute a useful level of pre-energy. Suitable for track and coursing greyhounds.

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10 x 30g syringes